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“Digital Future(s)” Dream Course: Engaging the Print vs. Technology Debates

I took this summer off.  As in, really took it off.  I didn’t teach, I didn’t write, I didn’t really do research, I didn’t do course prep.  I took the summer off.  In part, this was a post-graduate school, post-first year in a full-time job recovery strategy.  Last summer

Thoughts on Feminist Pedagogy, Trolling, and Flaming in First-Year Writing Classes

In my last post for this year’s Day of DH, I blogged about an article I read recently in the context of a current project.  I am working on a multifaceted project about the opportunities for feminist teaching and pedagogy in new forms of writing and in online spaces.  

“It’s Just A Joke” and Other Things People Say to Defend Prejudice

UPDATE: After writing this post last week, yet another example–one that dovetails with my other interest, technology–came to light. Adria Richards, an employee of SendGrid, was fired from her job after hackers took down her company’s website because she had the guts to report jokes as sexist at a