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Thoughts on Feminist Pedagogy, Trolling, and Flaming in First-Year Writing Classes

In my last post for this year’s Day of DH, I blogged about an article I read recently in the context of a current project.  I am working on a multifaceted project about the opportunities for feminist teaching and pedagogy in new forms of writing and in online spaces.  

Day of DH Storify

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Storify for Composition: Some Successes and Some Epic Fails

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This semester I elected to use Storify for my beginning composition classes for their first two writing projects. My pedagogical justification for using the site was two-fold.  First, as a social media site, Storify provides an opportunity to integrate multimedia into text-based writing.  Since multimedia writing, social networking, and internet

Dirty Little Secret: I’m a Teacher

Let me preface by saying I don’t really want to talk about MOOCs. The conversation about MOOCs is too polarizing, as Cathy Davidson recently articulated, and it seems to me that the focus on MOOCs is hyperbolic as well.  Either MOOCs will save higher education or they mark the

Discipline and Punish, the DH Edition

Since the MLA and the conversations about the digital humanities it has inspired on Twitter, I have been thinking a great deal about the formation of academic fields, how they work, who they include and who they leave out.  Others have weighed in on this issue of “defining” DH