Becoming a (Better) Bloggette

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Hello! At a recent THATCamp, I proposed and participated in a session entitled “Becoming A Better Bloggette,” where I asked for advice on starting and maintaining an academic blog.  I’ve started a blog several times, but have never been able to keep up with it or to overcome the anxiety that comes with publishing my work in a public forum that has not been refereed.  The general consensus was that being a great bloggette is about discipline, openness to new ideas, and social networking.  This blog is a fresh start.  I want to use it to gather feedback on my current work and to enter into some new conversations about pedagogy, digital theory & rhetoric, and the digital humanities.  I can’t please all the people all the time, but I hope you’ll stick with me, comment, and be critical when necessary.  I look forward to connecting with new people and renewing conversations with old friends.

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